Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mystery Envelope sign-up

Thought we'd send out some mystery envelopes again this month :-) Who's up for that!?!

EDITED to add: We have eight participants!

Each envelope has the same products - an assortment of patterned paper, and some smaller embellishments. Your challenge, if you chose to accept an envelope, is to create a layout using some of each product in the envelope. You may add other products but please keep it to a minimum.You would then need to scan or photograph your layout and send it (or a link) to me, so we can display your creations on our blog.

Deadline for submissions is January 31st . Please don't sign up unless you can commit to sending it in time. I have 8 envelopes packaged and ready to go to the first 8 members to email me with your mailing address.

Recap of details:
~Be one of the first 8 people to email me with your mailing address
~Wait for your envelope to arrive in the mail
~Create a layout using at least one of each of the supplies
~Send me a link to your layout, or send a scanned pic by JANUARY 31st

Please don't email for an envelope unless you can complete the challenge by the deadline.
By accepting an envelope from us, you are agreeing to us posting your creation on our blog.


Chris said...

My name is Chris and I'm interested in participating.
My address is:
Chris Domino
37933 Ross
Livonia,MI 48154-4864

colosnowangel said...

This sounds like fun here is my mailing address:
Sheryl Springer
PO Box 236
Pisgah Iowa 51564
Can't wait to receive!!!

Mardi said...

Carla, I can't seem to find out how to send you my info. Do you have any room for more participants, if so please contact me through my blog!

jennmom2000 said...

I would love to participate too, but I can't find your email. I'll keep looking.

Anonymous said...

I love to participte as well...

Misty Samson
5728 Heming Ave
Springfield, VA 22151

Carla said...

My email address was linked in the post. I will make it more clearly seen next time. Sorry about that!

I can send to the first 2 replies here, and then I have the 8 participants.

Please try again next month around the same time :-)

Stephanie said...

Darn! I wish I had seen this earlier so I could've participated. Oh well, maybe next month. This is a neat idea! I can't wait to see the submissions!

Vickie said...

Poop, I am late. Oh well, everybody else have fun with the submissions.

This is what I get for not blogging yesterday:)

Rose Ann said...

Sounds like fun! Cant wait to see what you ladies create!