Friday, January 16, 2009

FOTO Friday - Jan 16/08

Happy FREEZING day everyone!! Boy, it's cold here today!!

We all use photos in our layouts, but do your photos inspire your layouts? (ie, are you inspired by the colors, the design, the words on the photo, etc).

Here's a photo that inspired me last week.

And as a result, I created this layout!!

So, don't just use your photos on a layout, let them inspire your layout!


Rose Ann said...

Very cool idea! beautiful lo.
Its 10 ° feels like -4 ° here!!!

I have to go out in it today for a a hair cut appt. I would rather stay and scrapbook. ~:O)

Have a great day.

Ann said...

I actually just did a 12 x 6 layout that where the color purple in my photo inspired me to use green and purple together. I really don't like the 2 colors together, but the layout came out great. It is posted in my blog.

Groovy Deborah said...

Oh yes, many times. I like using things in the "foto" to help inspire my projects. It is always a great mojo starter too :)