Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TEACHING Tuesday - Nov 25th

For those of you who order scrapbooking kits, how do you organize them?? Do you use them right away or are they stacked in your scraproom?

I found an article by Nicole Humphrey on this topic.

Organizing Your Kits From Scrapbooking Clubs
by Nicole Humphrey

Let us know what you do!!


Katie Skiff said...

Usually the kits come in a large ziploc bag, and then I leave them like that, and place them in my large Cropper Hopper file box. So far it's the easiest way for me.
Sometimes I'll even add the pics I have and want to use with that set in the bag, so I can grab and go to crops or a friends house.

Jean Marie said...

I like to keep mine together...most admit I do remove paints and stamps that may be with the kit so I can use them more often. TFS the link!

lois said...

I have drawer units (Walmart) that they fit in perfectly...I file them by month and keep everything together until I make at least one thing out of the kit...then it goes in with my other thousands of sheets of paper and embellies!!

Rose Ann said...

Interesting topic, thanks.
I hang mine on hangers with hanger-clips. This makes it easy to file through when I am ready to make a layout!