Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TEACHING Tuesday-Nov. 11

Liz sent in a mini-tutorial for you today.

"I discovered this technique a few days ago from a scrapbook magazine and loved the idea."

Inking a Masked-Off Design
1. Gather your materials: masks, cardstock, and ink

2. Using a repositionable adhesive, stick down your masks in the area you want to remain color-free. Rub the ink pad over the area you’d like to color.
3.Peel away the masks. For a layered look, move the masks between multiple ink applications.

Here’s a layout where I used this technique.

Since Christmas is just around the corner...yep, go take a peek at the calendar...I thought I'd post a couple of Christmas crafts that's been posted on our Christmas Cards All Year 'Round blog (Tamara Soper and I share the blog)

~Quick Fudge Recipe~Snowman PoopHave fun! And be sure to ley us know if you try some of these!!!!!!

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