Friday, October 31, 2008

Tina's Favorite Layout

Tell us about your favorite layout you have ever completed? I got the most feedback from others for the layout……it just goes to show… pays to always have your camera ready! hehehe

What do you love the most about scrapping? It is my therapy…..when I am scrapbooking, I am the most relaxed I can possible be…..I love it!

What do you dislike the most about scrapbooking? Absolutely Nothing…..I love it ALL!

What topic do you find the most difficult to scrap? At the moment, it is anything about my dog……he recently passed away and it is hard for me…..hopefully, I will eventually get past it.

Have you ever taught a scrapbooking class? Yes!

Have you ever been published? No, but I have never tried…..I just don't feel my work is good enough…..

What type of camera do you use? Canon PowerShot (Digital…of, course)

What would be your perfect day? Hanging out at the Lake with my family!

I can't imagine my life without my children….they are my inspiration and the reason I get up in the morning!

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