Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TEACHING Tuesday - October 28/08

Here's a little tip Tina shares with us today:

For all the stampers out there. Do you have cases and cases of empty cd's cases???If so, use them to store your acrylic stamps in. They are small and compact and you can label them, and still see what's inside. Great way to use something you already have...

Thanks Tina!! Great tip for sure!!


Deanne Burton said...

I like this idea!!! I have all my acrylics in a box and I never know what I have! Hmmm...gonna have to get me a case of those next time I make a trip to Walmart!!!!!!
Thanks Tina for this tip!!!

Mandee Gillen said...

Sweet! I am loving this idea, I am always trying not to ruin the plastic that they come in but nice, I am with Deanne on this one i am going to have to stop on by wallies:) Thanks