Sunday, September 14, 2008

SISTER Sunday - September 14th

Another beautiful Fall day and ..... time for a new sister! Please welcome Jayne Jones to the Sisterhood!

Tell us about your family: My husband and I have been friends since the first day of 7th grade and have been married for 16 years. We have 3 active children – Jacob (13) Sam (11) and Abbie (10) plus a little princess pup Zoe. We currently live in Omaha, Nebraska but will be moving to Virginia for my husband’s new job as soon as possible (read as soon as our house sells!)

Who/What inspired you to start scrapbooking? From the time I was young – I was a saver of memories. I wrote in a journal on a regular basis, loved photograph and saved every ticket stub…so when I first started hearing the buzz about scrapbooking over 12 years ago now – I knew it was the perfect hobby for me!

Does anyone in your family also scrap? Unfortunately, no.

What size do you normally scrap? 12x12 with an occasional smaller gift album tossed in.

What is your favourite colour scheme? I love to work with fallish colors – golds, reds, browns and creams.

How many hours a week do you scrap? It varies but I would guess about 5 hours.

What is one thing you always find yourself reaching for when creating a layout? Well after the obvious paper it is always ink!

Describe your scrapping style in just three words. Balanced, layered and classic


Jayne submitted this lovely layout for our Week 71 challenge:

There's just something about a new box of crayons that brings back happy memories :-)


You can see more of Jayne's work on her blog - Feeling Scrappy! Why not drop by for a visit and let her know you were there!

NOTE: Two more days to submitt your layout for last week's challenge! We'll be posting another on Monday.

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Jean Marie said...

Congratulations!!...look forward to your week.