Sunday, September 7, 2008

SISTER Sunday -Sept 7th

Wow! this is our first Sister for September! Before you know it, it'll be December.Yikes!

Our sister this week is JULIE DUDLEY!
Name: Julie Dudley

Home: Perth Australia

Tell us about your family: My family consists of myself, Craig, my husband of 8 years ,my daughter Asher 7. Who just happens to be he subject of the majoritory of my pages and our cat Rennie. Asher's sister so we keep on being told.

Who/What inspired you to start scrapbooking? My love of scrapping evolved from cardmaking and stamping. I started this when I met my husbands best friends wife who got me hooked. I was often heard to say that scrapping would never get to me and that I love the papers just for my card making but it has gotten to me good.
Does anyone in your family also scrap? No they all think I'm crazy doing it and I often get asked when is enough enough. Never I say.
What size do you normally scrap? When I first started out it was all double12 by 12 pages but now I rarely do a double and have ventured out into doing different sizes 81/2 by 11's as well as 6 by 12's. When I do get around to putting my layouts in albums the plan is to have a mized sized album.
What is your favourite colour scheme? I tend to go through stages with colours and stuff and lately I just love the more earthy colours, brown and greens.
How many hours a week do you scrap? I do most of it while Asher is in bed of a night time and a little durring the day on weekends if we haven't got other plans so about 12 hours a week.
What is one thing you always find yourself reaching for when creating a layout? My one thing lately would have to be my inks, teamed with my edge distressor. They are used on nearly every page in some way.
Describe your scrapping style in just three words. Distressed, layered and textured

Welcome, Julie, to the SISTERHOOD of SCRAP! We'll get to know Julie more during the week!

Here are Julie's BLOG and GALLERY.


V Colbourne said...

Congrats Julie on being the sister of the week. It is such a fabulous experience, and I hope you enjoy it :) Great reading about you too!

Jane said...

Yah Julie!!!! love your work girl!!

Jean Marie said...