Tuesday, August 5, 2008

TEACHING Tuesday - August 5/08

Our Sister, Tanya, has an excellent tip for today! It's something we all can try and an excellent way to use our stash of accumulating supplies! lol

Here's what she shares with us:

Technique for finishing pages: So many scrappers I know shop and shop and don’t get around to scrapping. To avoid this, I challenge myself to “no buy” until I finish “x” amount of pages. Like right now, I am on a no buy until I finish 25 pages. I have more than enough supplies to scrap 25 LOs!! I can buy adhesive but nothing else until I complete them - it may sound extreme, but it works for me. I have a big stash of scrapbook supplies and seem to be at my most productive when I challenge myself to use my stash. I was recently introduced to this blog: Use Your Stash . I like that you have 2 weeks to complete their challenges (and the prize looks pretty great too!)
Thanks Tanya!


Lisa said...

isn't that blog defeating the purpose of using your stash if they are going to give you more?


Carla said...

Good challenge. I need to do this!