Friday, August 15, 2008

FOTO Friday - August 15th

When my brother visited this summer, he did a lot of photography shoots (and tried to take me along!) I did manage to get two shoots with him -- one doing some macro shots in our flower garden, and another on a local hiking trail -- more macros, but some scenic shots as well.

My brother is a whiz with the photography stuff and reads voraciously on any subject he is interested in. I learned a great deal from him. Now I just need to start reading up on things myself :-)

Here are some macros I took this summer. They are all RAW format (I used his Rebel). I haven't learned all the lightroom techniques, yet, for developing my photos.

I can't see myself getting rid of my small camera because it's great and handy for quick shots. I would love to have a bigger one, like a Canon Rebel, that I could get specific lenses for. Portrait photography is something I am interested in. I also enjoy macro photography.

How about you? Where are you in your photography journey?

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Jean Marie said...

What a grand way to spend the day!
You have a wonderful eye for taking photos!