Tuesday, July 8, 2008

TEACHING Tuesday-July 8th

Our tip today comes from Julie!!
One of my favorite techniques is to layer pattern paper. If you ever lose your mojo, which of course happens to us all, a great tip would be to start cutting up pattern paper into different blocks. Don't really worry too much about the size, just cut it down enough to layer with some coordinating paper. Then start playing around with all the different pieces and how you think they would 'fit' together. Almost like a puzzle! I used to be so afraid to 'cut' into my precious paper! LOL! Once I gave myself the freedom to cut up my paper before I even knew exactly what I was going to do, it totally changed the way I scrapbooked.
This is an awesome idea, don't you think!!! Thanks Julie!!!
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Erin said...

I tried something similar to that for a sketch challenge, but I was so worried about it "matching" the sketch exactly, and just spent all my time measuring. I may have to try it again and just cut it into pieces and fit it together. It sounds like fun!

Christina said...

Love this idea....although I'm still scared to cut into my paper..lol...I will try this next time!! Thanks!

Aimee said...

it has taken me a long time to let go and cut my precious paper. it is so pretty and yummy.
i love my paper!
but once i started, it opened up a whole new world.

V Colbourne said...

I get so nervous about cutting any good paper. I also get nervous about the matchy match aspect, and about too many patterns clashing, but that could by the reason why my layouts are always plain! Thanks for the great tip!

Chris said...

totally understand the fear of cutting paper, but I find some of my favorite designs come from using scraps actually :)