Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TEACHING Tuesday-July 29th

This is just the cutest little gift idea!!! And so easy to make!
Go check it out and I think you'll agree!!!
And she's giving it away! Read about how YOU could win it (that's if I don't win it! hehe!)
*Oh , and I can sooooooo relate to her not wanting to throw away containers!! I bet you can too! My husband always asks me, "WHAT ARE YOU KEEPING THAT FOR???"
*sorry the link wasn't working.It's fixed now!!!


HappyScrapper said...

Hi Y'all! When I try to click on the link it comes up with an error message that says page cannot be found. I can't wait to see what you're talking about :) I always like new ideas!!
Have a great day!!
Happy Scrappin'
Lisa H. in Arkansas

Christina said...

I got the same thing...I will definitely be back to check it out though!!

V Colbourne said...

Yup, I can't get it to work either :(