Wednesday, July 30, 2008

JJ's favorite layouts...

Tell us about your favorite layout you have ever completed? That's tough! There are two that come to mind right away. One is a picture of my son doodling, and I love the picture and how the LO just came together the way I imagined it. It was a breakthrough in my scrapping.

The second is a LO I did with my daughter's ultrasound pics. I was so pleasantly surprised to find out I was having a girl, and it was so funny what the doctor said when I asked if it was safe to starting buying pink. (She said "Buy Pink, but keep the receipt")

What do you love the most about scrapping? The chance for a creative outlet to be tied to my memory keeping. So much more fun than just a journal.

What do you dislike the most about scrapbooking? When I get into a technique that is a pain to cleanup. I prefer low-maintenance scrapping, LOL!
What topic do you find the most difficult to scrap? My Dad. He died last year, and I want to scrap a lot of photos about him, so that my kids will 'know' him. But it's still painful at this point, so I haven't done as many as I would have liked.

Have you ever taught a scrapbooking class? No - but I would consider it. It's hard to get into that in my area, as you really need to be fluently bi-lingual to teach classes in Montreal. My French skills just aren't up to that level.

Have you ever been published? My first published LO will be quite soon - I have a LO in the upcoming fall issue of Canadian Scrapbooker, and I'm very excited about it, as the LO has special meaning for me - it's about my Grandfather.

What type of camera do you use? I have a Canon Rebel XTi, and I carry around a Canon Elph in my purse. Best of both worlds that way - I have the big girl camera for when I want to get great pictures, and the small pocket sized one so I don't miss out when an unexpected photo op comes up.

What would be your perfect day? Any day where I could sleep til noon, and spend the rest of the day with my family. Sushi dinner in there somewhere wouldn't hurt, LOL!

I can't imagine my life without ... I know I should say my children. But I've only been a mom for 3 years, so I remember what it was like pre-kids. So my answer is: I don't WANT to imagine my life without my kid(s). I CANT imagine my life without caffeine. :)


Carla said...

I LOVE all the flowers on your pink layout! Beautiful!!

V Colbourne said...

Wow! Those layouts are amazing!!