Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WEB Wednesday - May 14th

Here are some of Amanda's favorite websites:

My favorite scrapping website is Scrap-Diner. I find a ton of awesome inspiration in the gallery there and all the ladies that chat there are so much fun!!

I am also really into digital scrapbooking. I am actually a member of the Creative Team at 3Scrapateers. There is also a ton of inspiration in the galleries there. There are quite a few ladies there who are really awesome at creating cards. I like to get ideas from them.

Another site full of really inspiring people is WeScrap. It was the National Scrapbooking Association awhile back, then it was iScrap and now it is WeScrap. LOL I think a lot of people don't realize that it is still around since the name has changed a few times, but there is a ton of inspiration there as well!

Sometimes I just like to go to Flicker and browse though the photos. I find some awesome color combinations and sketch ideas from there!!!

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