Thursday, May 29, 2008

TEXT Thursday-May 29th

Last Thursday Carla asked you to share your scraproom with us.
Well, this week I'm asking for you to share another room in your house with us. Maybe your living room, the kitchen, the kid's play area...
Describe it.
Write a blog post or write about it here in the comments if you don't have a blog. If you blog about it, come back here and let us know so we can come visit!

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lois said...

I'd like to share my kitchen. It's a cosy place with hardwood floors and white cupboards and pale yellow walls; there are dark greenish/teal tumbled tiles on the walls under the cupboards and counters that match pretty well. It is a little bit country but not too much. I have a chicken collection - they are gourds and are very cute - that's the country part. I also have an old grinder mounted on a shelf and dried corn and some plants. In the middle of the space is an old butcher block which is really handy as a work surface. On top of my cupboards I have some old things on display. I really love the feel of this room.