Thursday, April 24, 2008

More about Heather!

Describe your scrap space. Do you like/dislike it? MESSY. I have a large desk which is covered in all sorts of scrappy stuff that I think I’m going to use or have used and not put away. Usually I have several ideas on the go at once so there are lots of little piles. I scrap on the floor so it’s messy too. I really try to limit my supplies and use what I have so I don’t have a lot of storage space.

What are your favourite colours to scrapbook with? Black with turquoise, red, white, orange or lime.

Do you enjoy other crafts and/or hobbies? Photography, cycling, reading, traveling. I also knit ( I’m making a felted purse right now), do stained glass and would love to take up kayaking.

What scrapbook magazines do you read? None – I get Scrapbooks Etc but I usually only look at the layouts. I only ever read magazines in the summer when the guys are fishing and I’ve time on my hands.

How thick is your cardstock and paper stash? Probably about 3" cardstock, 4" of patterned paper.

Are you an organized or messy scrapper? Messy – see above.

Anything else you want to share? Thanks for the opportunity and honor of sister of the Week.

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