Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 6-and it's FRIDAY!!!

We are into Day 6 of our weeklong crop. Now that the weekend's here, don't forget to check back over the challenges posted this week and play along!
WE have another fabulous prize from Memorable Seasons .

CARLA is playing Rook today!!! Have you ever played it? I have with my younger son. He loved it and even at a younger age could beat the socks off me!

KAREN is having a game of Monopoly!!!

KELLI has a colorful challenge for everyone, too!

Party on, ladies!!!

Challenges are due on April 18, a week from today.


Kimmy said...

these challenges just keep getting harder & harder!

tanya said...

The challenges ARE getting harder and harder! I couldn't post on their blogs so I'll post my link here:



colorful challenge-

Thanks for the challenges, Ladies!!

Carla said...

Thanks for taking part! Posting the winner soon!