Thursday, April 10, 2008

BINGO words-day 4

Here are the words:
15.Old Maid
36.Snakes and Ladders
44.Kick the Can

I've played all of them ,except Kick the Can.I know nothing about it.Does anyone want to share how this game is played?


Rose S said...

Kick the can is a combination of tag & hide & seek. The can is put in the middle and everyone hides except the person who is it. That person counts and then seeks all the players. If one player can kick the can before getting found then they set free all the other players found and that person remains it. If the it person finds all the players without the can being kicked they win and a new person becomes it.

I have never played the came but I remember my younger cousins playing it.

Jacqueline said...

We used a ball instead of a can but it was exactly as Rose described it. It was so much fun, but the poor person that was the counter was often stuck there a long time because the hiders would all be helping each other out to work it so someone could free them. Oh the memories you have brought back! So much fun!