Sunday, April 13, 2008

BINGO Day 7 -6 words today!

BONUS today!!! I'm calling 6 words!!!

Which game in this list is an OUTDOOR game??


Rose S said...

That's easy.....Red light, green light. We played this one as kids. Still need 5 words.

Heather (Bunnybear/Sarasamsmom) said...

Loved Red Light Green Light - still do. It helps my students practice their listening skills.

I need 6 words - getting closer!!!

Sara Paschal said...

Love playing this with our DD and when I was a kid it is Red light Green light.

Karen said...

yep- right light,green light is the outside game. Loved it when I was a kid. Though we played Red Rover more.

Still need 6 words!!

Susan said...

Red Light, Green Light! yep! I'm not playing the game though - have just joined in on the crop :-)

Thanks for the comment on my blog, Carla.

charlotte said...

I still needs 10 words. Oh man!
I'm enjoying this crop so much! I love the challenges. It's so much fun.

Beverley Todd said...

I'd have guessed at red light green light - the only ones I've heard of before are cranium, sorry! & chess - I guess I must have had a sheltered life! LOL
I missed out on playing bingo - but good luck to you all!!

Jean Marie said...

Red light Green light !tons of fun with this game and with all the children from my neighbor hood !! :)
Needing 7 here!:)

Rose Ann said...

What a fun game Red light green light was to play as a child ~:O)

I have 12 and 8 more to go for BINGO!!!

Good Luck everyone!!

LaY hOoN said...

Red light green light
I still have 4 to go