Tuesday, March 25, 2008

TEACHING Tuesday-Mar. 25

We have a great idea from Irene today!!!

STRING ART on your layout!

Draw a circle on the back of your paper; mark it at equal intervals around the circle.
Pierce the marks with a paper piercer or a sewing needle.
Number your holes.
Thread a large needle with embroidery thread.
Tape down the end of your thread near the #1 pierced hole (on the back of the paper).
Bring the thread back up, go thru hole #11 and take the thread thru to the back of the paper.
Pull the thread up to the front thru hole # 2.
Repeat this pattern until you complete the circle.
The thread goes thru each hole twice.
An 8 ½ inch circle with piercings at ¾ inch intervals works best with a 4 x 6 photo.
Changing the intervals or the number of holes skipped provides different looks.

And here's a layout she did using String Art!! Isn't is awesome!!! Great idea! If you try this ,let us know!!! We'd love to see your string art creation! I think this would be great on a card too, don't you think?

Sisterhood...a celebration of the he{ART}


Carla said...

That looks awesome! I remember doing string art when I was a kid.

Jean Marie said...

who would have thought!String art...very nice element to add to a lo and you created such a fantastic example!TFS!

dallen1112 said...

OK..I tried the string art...here is what I came up with...I got the inspiration for this LO from the 02/08 issue of Memory Makers....
Here is the link...