Friday, February 8, 2008

FOTO Friday - February 8th

How often do you back up your photos? I've had two friends this past week lose all their digital photos when their computers crashed! It happens! One friend had a removable hard-drive sitting on his desk, but just hadn't gotten around to saving his photos on it. And now they're GONE!

I've been putting off this chore, but now all my photos are on my removable drive AND on dvds. Yaaah, me!

So, here's a reminder for you!! Back up your photos on a removable drive or burn them on a CD/DVD. Make a plan that you'll do this every month, or every week if you take lots of photos. And while you're at it, save your documents as well :-)


Lois said...

I make sure to do it regularly...I would hate to lose all those photos!

Rebecca said...

OMG how awful! I didn't have mine backed up for a long time but finally did took the afternoon to do that a few months ago. Now, as soon as I get a working camera again - I plan to back up each month.

Hope at 4thememories said...

This is such an important reminder. I started a system of cleaning out my memory card at the end of each month (at least...depending on how many pics I took) and at that same time I would save them on a cd. Just this month I put off the cd part...not sure why. But after your gentle reminder I put that on my 'have to do list' for tomorrow. Thanks!