Thursday, November 22, 2007

TEXT Thursday - Nov 22

Beverley sent in today's Text Thursday. Thanks, Bev!

"Thursday already & HAPPY THANKSGIVING AMERICA! I guess we all have things to be thankful for - I have to thank Carla, Deanne & Susan for asking me to be their sister - this week has been so much fun I wish it could last forever!

So today’s blog challenge, wherever in the world you are, is to post about what you are thankful for – and if you want to create a layout on that theme, go for it! Don’t forget to post a comment here with a link to your blog – I’d love to come visit!"

Here's a little more about Beverley!

Describe your scrap space. Do you like/dislike it? I love my scrap space. Currently I have 10 feet of table space and a whole room for my stash. If anything, it’s actually too big. I’m downsizing to a 15’ x 7’ space but as it is being planned in advance this time, I think it will be perfect!

What are your favourite colours to scrapbook with? At the moment I’m loving red and black but I’m fickle, so it will be something different soon. I do like pink and girly stuff but I don’t get much chance to do that.

Do you enjoy other crafts and/or hobbies? Nothing that isn’t paper related. I make cards, mini books and alter stuff as well as scrapbooking. I have been known to knit, do cross stitched embroidery and make stuff with felt (although I’ve never done felting). I don’t do sewing (other than on layouts) and I can’t draw for toffee.

What scrapbook magazines do you read? None! I look at some of the US/Canadian ones online but there aren’t any that I regularly read – I’d rather be scrapping! International magazines are harder to get over here & I’m not keen on the UK ones (there are only two titles left here). I have a close friend coming over from MA in a couple of weeks & if I’m lucky she’ll bring me some!

How thick is your cardstock and paper stash? Don’t even go there!!

Are you an organized or messy scrapper? The messiest! I start off with 10’ x 2.5’ of table space and keep going until I’m in a 14” square. Then I clear up and start again.

Anything else you want to share? I’m soooo thrilled to be your sister! I’ve always wanted one and now I have lots, all over the world. How exciting! LOL

Sisterhood..... a celebration of the he{ART}


A Full House said...

I am thankful for my six children. We are a blended family and on the holiday day they all scatter to their own families. Saturday is always "OUR" day. I am very thankful that they are healthy and happy.

A Full House said...

Sorry I forgot to sign the previous post.


Lois said...

I am thankful that my family is all far as I know! I am also thankful that I have 4 wonderful grandchildren who love to come and stay at Grandma's house...even though it is Grandma and Grandpa's house!!! ha ha ha!

Deanne said...

Haha! Love you answer to the question, "how thick is your cardstock and paper stash?" !!!
Mine would be the same answer!

Beverley Todd said...

Some fabulous thanks there! I guess our families & friends will always be our most precious treasures - no matter which part of the world we come from! TFS