Tuesday, November 20, 2007

TEACHING Tuesday-Nov. 20th

A couple of weeks ago we played the "Texas Hold'Em" game here and on "Teaching Tuesday" we had you all post tips and techniques.

Well today , I thought I'd post some of them here for anyone who may have missed the game or missed reading the comments.

QueenBee Rowe:
"I've only been scrapbooking since May, so I don't have many techniques to share, but I do have one tip that I've found really helpful. I found it difficult to start the holes to anchor brads on my layouts....it's awkward with the tip of scissors, and sometimes it damages or crinkles the paper. Someone suggested that I carry a simple little pushpin in my toolkit and use it to push a hole through the paper. It works like a charm. If you need to make the hole a little bigger, you can just wiggle the pin around a bit. It'll expand the hole without tearing."

"ok here is a little tip I discovered to help save on my "special" paper, but when I mat my photos I cut a square hole from out behind the photo, or anything else that I may be matting on the paper, this gives me a nice little scrap for my cards."

"This is not a new idea, but one I have used lately. I have been using alot of my mixmatched chipboard alphabets. The ones that you just have leftover letters in & not enough for a full title. I choose the letters I need out of the pile of leftovers & then I paint them in one unifying color & use them. It has looked pretty cool."


"ORGANIZATIONAL tip--- I just bought a plastic silverware tray at Big Lots for two dollars...using it to organize my stamps and pads."

"My best organizational tip right now would be to put a peg board up in your scrap room. this way you can display layouts as well as keep many embellies right there facing you whenever you are creating a project."

Timi O. Mercado:
"Tip for doing titles: If you are not good at cutting titles or don't own a die cut machine, you can readily utilize your alphabet stickers. You can add glitters to add dimension or adhere letters on cardtock and cut it into tiles or shapes that you desire (circle for example)"

"My favorite organizational tip is: I hang a lot of stuff up....as much as I can...i usually leave stuff in a package so I can hang it!! I have a slat board that I hang hooks on and have my stuff hung on it! And another one, i put my acrylic and unmounted stamps in CD cases and have an old CD holder on my table...it makes your stamps accessible and useable!!"

Thanks, ladies!!!

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