Thursday, October 4, 2007

TEXT Thursday - Oct 4

In keeping with the theme this week let's do an easy BLOG challenge.

If you have a blog, write a post today telling about your feelings about greeting cards. These days, it seems as though e-cards are more popular than real cards, but there are many people who still appreciate a card in the mail or given in person. Do you like giving cards? Do you enjoy receiving them? For what occasions to you give cards? Do you make your own, or give store-bought? Do you give thoughtful, meaningful cards or humorous cards? Do you keep cards that others have given you?

We've love for you to post a link to your blog in our comments section. If you don't have a blog, post in the comments also.

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* Dream Weaver * said...

I am still a true believer in giving good old fashioned "real" cards.

Nothing beats the thrill of having a surprise letter/card in the postbox with your name and address on it. After all, who knows what secrets lay inside?

I love the opening of the envolope, and touching the quality of the paper. To trail along the embossing, to smile at the witty lines, to delight in the glitter and the details of the card.

I enjoy sending out real cards as well and spend ages in front of the rows of cards, just trying to find the "right one" for that special someone. It takes time to sift through all the cards to find the perfect card, but in the end, I feel its worthwhile when I recieve a call, a hug or an email to thanks me for the card that they loved.

When I have the time, I make the cards but more often than not these days, I end up buying them from the store.

I am a keeper of memories, so I have heaps of cards from wayy back. It's a pleasure to go down memory lane and read the cards that my old friends or old flames have sent :)

I remain a loyal "real" card lover and will continue to do so.

Happy World Card Day!!!

Carla said...

I loved reading your feelings about cards, dream weaver!

Deanne said...

I posted mine here:

* Dream Weaver * said...

Thanks Carla :)