Friday, October 5, 2007

FOTO Friday-Oct.5

FALL FRENZY...when the earth is engaged in a riot of color.

This is the most awesome time of the year to get colorful photos. Today I decided to check out some sites and blogs for some tips of photographing AUTUMN.
Here are some I found:
~Shooting Great Pictures of the Fall Foliage
~Photographer's Tips: How to Capture Autumn
~Autumn Photo Tips
~Shooting Autumn Leaves

I am planning on getting some photos this weekend. You should,too! Let's post some "Fall Fotos" on our blogs!!! Post in the comments when you get some uploaded!

Sisterhood...a celebration of the he[ART}


Deanne said...

I posted a pic I took this morning...

Jean Marie said...

Excellent tips for shooting fall fav...shooting Autumn leaves...Fantastic tip on freezing leaves!TFS!