Tuesday, September 25, 2007

TEACHING Tuesday - Sept 25

Today's tip comes from our sister, Timi.

One of my favorite techniques to use on my scrapbook layouts is stitching. It gives dimension and texture to my pages. It also adds color and helps in defining lines and borders.
Not only that, if you have buttons to attach to your layout, you can also use this technique. I just love stitching and I'm sure you will, too!

What you need:

a deckler (sort of a ruler with holes),
a paper piercer,
a needle,
threads of different colors

Some tips on stitching:
  • Use only colorfast threads like DMC and Anchor so as to avoid fading.

  • Avoid using threads intended for sewing clothes as they are sharp and may damage you paper.

  • Use a paper piercer to poke holes on your paper. Do this before stitching.

  • Do not stitch directly on your paper.

  • To save time, you may use a sewing machine to make holes on your paper, just don't thread the needle.

What are the basic types of stitches that you can use on your layout?

running stitch

back stitch

zigzag stitch

you can also attach buttons like this:

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Deanne said...

I love sewing on my LOs too! Your layouts are awesome!!!

Susan Coish said...

Great tip!! I love sewing too!!

Jean Marie said...

Thanks for the helpful tips on sewing on a lo..I like to add a little to mine here and there...
love the colors you bring to your LOs!