Tuesday, September 11, 2007

TEACHING Tuesday-Sept 11th

Here is a tip from Willow!!!

Technique...easy! Paint! Acrylic paint on everything! Its great! No matter what papers/C/S you have, you can always co-ordinate using paint...I love the acrylic paint dabbers from Adirondack...I love to scrape these across my papers/cardstock...mixing the colours on as I go. Mistakes never happen, as you can always keep on changing it until you are happy with the result!

Thanks, Willow! I use paint at times on my LOs as well. Here's one where I used paint:

And ,of course, take a look at Willow's gallery! Lots of paint there! Great inspiration!

Sisterhood...a celebration of the he{ART}


charlotte said...

It all sounds so good!! :-) I want to paint now!! Unfortunately I don't have so many colors of paint .... I think I need to buy some more!
But I do have some paint ... I guess I will use it on my next layout!

Thanks for the great tip/technique Willow! :-)

jodene said...

Would never have thought of this. It's beautiful!!

Jean Marie said...

Wow Dea! how much you favor your Mother!Beautiful lo!

Little by little I have been trying paints on a lo....lots of fun.
I love the use of paints in this Lo of Willow's found in her gallery ...