Friday, September 28, 2007

FOTO Friday

During my time spent scrapbooking, I often notice that there are not too many pictures of ME! Usually this happens when one adult in the family is the one that always has the camera. Lately, though, my hubby has been taking a bigger interest in photography, and I like it! He has different ideas of what makes a good photo, and he also gets some pictures with me in them :-)

So, if you're the one always behind the lens, think about letting someone else have the camera for a bit. Hand it over to your partner or, if you're brave, to one of your kids! You just might be surprised -- kids offer a fresh, new perspective on things.


Deanne said...

Getting kids to take pics is a great idea! And the great part is, if you have a digital camera, any that don't come out clear can be deleted and for sure you will get some totally wonderful pictures to scrap!

charlotte said...

Yes, it is a great idea to hand the camera over to the kids. :-)
See the "world" through a childs eyes - that's so neat!