Wednesday, September 19, 2007

About Mandy....

How/Why did you start scrapbooking? I was in a Joann's Fabrics back in 1997..they just started stocking some scrapbook supplies. I looked through some of the magazines and I was hooked. I bought some Paper Pizzaz paper, and some Mrs Grossman's stickers and haven't stopped scrapbooking since.

What is it about scrapbooking that you really love? I love playing with paper, glue and scissors, I love photographs, and I love documenting and preserving the lives of my family. It all comes together with scrapbooking. And it is also social..I have friends in real life that I scrap with, and many on-line friends, too.

How many hours a week do you scrapbook? Maybe two to five hours per week.

How long does it take you to complete a layout? I spend about 10-20 minutes planning a page, then it takes me 30 minutes to an hour to finish.

Where do you get your inspiration? From magazines, websites, and blogs such as this one. I love challenges, too. They inspire me the most.
Describe your scrap space. Do you like/dislike it? When I moved into my present house, it came with a built-in bar in the basement. It is chock-full of my supplies. I love that there is plenty of storage so I can access my things easily, but it's not always fun scrappin' in a basement. Right now, there's a cricket down there, and I can't seem to find it.

Do you enjoy other crafts and/or hobbies? I enjoy cooking, reading, and geneology.

What scrapbook magazines do you read? I have been subscribing to Creative Keepsakes since 1998.

Sisterhood.... a celebration of the he{ART}


Scrapdragons said...

Its always fun to come & read about the newest sister.


Deanne said...

A cricket!!! Too bad it wasn't a "Cricut"!!! haha!

Jean Marie said...

hehehe...Silly Dea :)

Hey Mandy...good reads...I share a love of Genealogy also.....that is what brought me to to discover all the old family tales.

Ps....hope you find that cricket...they can drive you