Thursday, August 2, 2007

TEXT Thursday - August 2

Do you speak pig latin? When my sisters and I get together, it's inevitable that we will at some point start talking in pig latin. We can speak it quite well -- we drive our kids and husbands crazy :-)

Here's a website that you can change any other website to pig latin. Actually, there are several dialects you can use. Very funny! I especially like the "redneck" and "Elmer Fudd" versions.

You can also type in some text and have it chaneged to the different dialects. Try it out!

Isterhoodsay....ayay elebrationcay ofyay ethay ehay{ARTyay}


Cheryl said...

Ok, that is just too stinkin funny! Did you know that in "swedish chef" you are the...

Seester ooff zee Veek - Jooly 29-Oog 4

Scrapdragons said...

That is soooo funny!!!


Deanne said...

Igpay Atinlay isay unfay to eakspay!

My sisters and I have a blast talking it!