Tuesday, August 7, 2007

TEACHING Tuesday - August 7th

Sarah sent in a technique for this week.
Make Your Own Chipboard

Here's a small example of how I re-use what I already have.

1. Take a cereal box, that can be used as chipboard, & it's kinda free!!
So, draw around what you need to use -- I'm using alpha's.

2. Glue & cover with choosen paper, or you could paint or even leave raw!!
I have papered & ink the edges.
THANKS, Sarah!!
Sisterhood.... a celebration of the he{ART}


Deanne said...

Thanks, Sarah!
It's a great idea! I always make a template, too of the new chipboard I get, so that I can re-use the pattern again. And cereal boxes are great for it!!!

Jo said...

hi sarah! it's a good idea. so money buying alpha chipboard. what scissor do you use to cut the chipboard?

KSmith said...

great Idea, could also use the cereal box with sizzix or other die machines.

Anonymous said...

Thank's girl's, i use normal sissor's to cut the cerial box, the a craft knife to cut the choosen paper, after it's glued & dried.
Yes, it thin enough to use in sizzix & bigshot!!

MIs_chicka-bea/ Sarah.

Canadian Girl said...

Great idea Sarah!! And LOVE your layout!!!

MsGrace said...

Super idea!!