Sunday, August 12, 2007

SISTER Sunday - August 12

Please welcome our newest sister -- Cheryl Molotsky!

Cheryl's gallery

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How/Why did you start scrapbooking? My sister was scrapping CM style and gave me my first tool (the CM circle tool which I still have but never use). In spite of that, I was never a CM scrapper. I decided to start scrapping with my honeymoon in September of 2000. My DH used to scrap with me too, now he just “consults”.

How long have you been scrapbooking? 7 years

What is it about scrapbooking that you really love? I love pictures, always have. I’m a very tactile person so I am somewhat of a paper hog and love all the designs. I love the tools. But mostly I love when I have an idea and I start to put it together and it all just falls into place and makes me very happy.

How many hours a week do you scrapbook? Unfortunately, not that many since I went back to work full time. I try to get 3-4 hours in a week and take lots of opportunities to go to crops with friends.

How long does it take you to complete a layout? My sister in law says that when I’ve lost my mind and am making one of my “insanely OCD” layouts that it can take me forever. Really, I would say 2-3 hours.

Where do you get your inspiration? I am inspired by my friends, my favorite websites and magazines. I get a lot of inspiration from music.

Describe your scrap space. Do you like/dislike it? Well, I used to have a great room, then my husband started working from home. Now I have an explosive mess with it’s own unique system of organization that is ever changing and which I have yet to figure out. It has taken over my dining room.


Cheryl, we are looking forward to getting to know you more this week!

Sisterhood.... a celebration of the he{ART}


MsGrace said...

oh I can't wait!!


Cheryl said...

Thanks girls for choosing me!!

Scrapdragons said...

YAY!! CHERYL!!! Congrats!!! XO XO

Deanne said...

Hi Cheryl, and welcome to the sisterhood!

Susan Coish said...

Welcome Cheryl!

charlotte said...

A big congrats to you, Cheryl! :-)

Jean said...

Congratulations Cheryl!!What an inpressive gallery,look forward to your week!!

Canadian Girl said...

Welcome to the Sisterhood Cheryl!!!