Saturday, August 4, 2007

A couple of CARD SKETCHES from Me!

I've recently been playing with my "Print Artist" program and have been creating card sketches.

Here are a couple I made last month:

I've been posting card sketches on my personal blog too and challenging myself ( and others) to create a couple of Christmas cards and everyday cards using the sketches. Seeing that the Christmas season is JUST around the corner (yeah, it IS!!!), it's a great time to get started on your Holiday cards!
So , if you create cards using my sketches, leave us a comment and a link to your creations so we can check it out!
*If you'd rather use these as layout sketches, feel free! I think they would work as layout sketches too!


MsGrace said...

YOU have been nominated for ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGER status!
Check out my blog for details!!

Carla said...

Thanks, Deanne. I really am not good at cards. Sketches are always helpful!

The Reconstruction said...

i used your second sketch as a page template...

here's my link at 2peasinabucket...