Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WEB Wednesday - July 11

Late posting today -- our internet server was down again.

Anyway..... here's a favorite website of Jessie's:

One Page at a Time It is a US based website that sells beautiful kits and has a gallery showing the talents of their design team and members which I visit regularly for inspiration.

Thanks, Jessie!

And....... for those of you with kids who are WILD about WEBKINZ, check out this site of unofficial Webkinz information :-)

Sisterhood...a celebration of the he{ART}


MsGrace said...

I couldn't get the link to work for the hoo. Can you post the web address as well so I can try to cut & paste it.


Carla said...

ooops, sorry! It's fixed now :-)

Going For Greatness said...

works now :) thanks Carla!!!