Thursday, July 5, 2007

TEXT Thursday - July 5th

Gabi shared an awesome blog challenge with us. Here it is:

What does Writing do for you?

Do you find it hard to write? If so, why? Do you find it easy to write? If so, HOW?I would love to know what issues you may have about writing and hopefully, help you past them. You can learn SO MUCH about yourself by simply choosing a topic and writing about it for 30 minutes a day.

What I want you to do is to pick a topic.... ANY topic. IT can be 'flavors of ice cream' or 'breeds of dogs' or 'family resemblances' or something even deeper like "Democrats" or even "intimacy"

Take 30 minutes and write about it. What you DONT want to do is stiffle yourself. DO NOT scold yourself for writing something that you're thinking, do not stop yourself in mid-thought and restart. Go with the flow, keep writing until 30 minutes is up (or longer if you wish!)

***Once you're finished with this exercise I'd love for you to share the experience. How did the exercise make you feel? Did it turn out differently than you had originally thought? Did it turn out EXACTLY as you had thought? Did you learn anything about yourself during this exercise?

***If you want to BLOG this and share, please share your link here and if you are writing in a journal, you can post here and let us know what your experiences were as you were writing and how the exercise affected you. I would love to see how this exercise works for each individual.


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Jean said...

My My Gabi....this is a tough challenge....will try and give this a of the toughest things for me is journaling on my lo's.

Carla said...

Me too, Jean! I did a layout tonight and had my 9 yo son do the journaling :-)

Ambearluv said...

Wow... busted. DH was recently commenting on the lack of journaling on my layouts. I will definitely be doing this. I put it up on my blog too, so it would really remind me

Susan Coish said...

Awesome challenge Gabi!!

MsGrace said...

Gabz you rock!! Thanks for the challenge. I try to dothis at least once a week. I love to write, but like everyone I run into blocks sometimes. This type of free flow writing really helps me get over judgements & just get going.

Thanks chicky...

lois said...

I don't have any problems writing...but do better at doing it on the computer because I can do it faster! I do have things I've written...mostly to do with losing my parents...what led up to it and what we/I went helps me purge the demons!!

Going For Greatness said...

awesome stuff, ladies!! I love hearing how people get thru their writer's block and what inspires them. Keep writing, even if you feel you've hit a brick wall, just keep going through it...... you can get past it all and come out shining!!

Tina said...

Tough challenge indeed!! I will be trying this soon tough! I've got 2 that I want to do... perhaps I'll not make it to 30 minutes... but we'll see! :)