Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Some of Jessie's favorites.......

and a tip to share.

Favorite Snack: Chocolate (preferably dark)

Favorite Drink: Latte

Favorite Paper: Basic Grey

Favorite Technique: 3D layering (even though its so tedious!!) and sewing

Favorite Embellishment: Flowers (usually featured on my LO’s)

Favorite Scrap Tool: Eyelet setter (more versatile than you think)

Favorite Adhesive: Tacky tape

Jessie's scrapbooking tip:

"Well, as I like doing sewing, here's a tip. Dont be afraid to sew out your doodle patterns as they can add some dimension to your LO and brings out your doodles more. I find its best to use DMC thread (mainly used for cross stitching) as they are very durable and come in a huge variety of colours."


Carla said...

Thanks, Jessie! I am working on a layout today and I think I will sew some doodles on it. I'll post when I am done and see what you think.

Jean said...

Great tip Jessie...I like to sew on my los but have never thought of sewing doodles..Will have to give this a try...Thanks for the inspiration tip :) Yummy!!! dark Chocolate...one of my favorites!

Going For Greatness said...

Thanks for the tip, Jessie! I hadn't thought of stitching my doodle patterns! I'm going to have to try that!!!