Monday, June 25, 2007

CHALLENGE Monday-June 25th

This week the challenge is... use a library pocket and and a tag on your layout. If you don't have a library pocket, check out this site for a template. Have fun!!!

*Send your layout to scoish3 @ (remove spaces) by Sunday night, July 1st

Here's Carla's layout:

...Susan's layout:

...Deanne's layout:
...and Tina's layout:

Sisterhood...a celebration of the he{ART}


lois said...

awesome layouts...I love the idea of library pockets..I keep forgetting to use them!

Angel W said...

LOVE that baby page!

Julie said...

may have ago at the libary pockets. they look good.

doverdi said...

Great layouts. I always forget about using the library pockets. Thanks for reminding me & showing me how great they look.

Tina said...

Thanks girls! :) I had to alter the shape of mine to fit the card in mine... I used the hospital card which I got at the hospital with the baby's stats in my pocket as my tag! :) So I had to change the look a little! :) But hey... it works, right? LOL!

Yu'er said...

Love all of them, will try out this week!

Jean said...

Beautiful los Sisters...Each as different and AS lovely as the next!!!WTG!!