Thursday, May 3, 2007

TEXT Thursday-Week 3:Childhood games

Journal about, blog about, do a layout about, or comment here on some of the childhood games you enjoyed.

I played some great indoor and outdoor games, some had rules but most were played using our "imagination".

We had so much fun as children. With 6 kids you could play a lot of stuff and never get bored. I don't know if we EVER breathed the words that we were bored (but it's something I hear my boys say all the time!)

Indoor games were activities such as SCHOOL, our favorite! The DAY school was out for the summer, we pulled all our supplies out and played school. I loved being the teacher. (I guess that's why I'm a teacher now!) Another fun activity was CHURCH. There were enough of us to have a pastor, "organist" and congregation, complete with crying and screaming babies! Funny thing about it though, most times we stopped the game before the preaching! I guess none of us wanted to take on the responsibility to instill all those Biblical teachings on the others. But we had testimony services and sang hymns. We also enjoyed playing RESTAURANT. We would take "orders" and then go to the kitchen and prepare the "meals" for our customers.

Outdoors was as exciting! Playing in our "copyhouses" was the BEST! Our dad always had a "mini- house" made for us and we would spend hours playing "house" in it. Hide-and-Seek, Tag, and Red Rover were always high on the list as games we HAD to play when we were outside. Others like Hopscotch, I Declare War, Red Light-Green Light, Simon Says, Mother May I, BINGO, Marbles were perfect for when we all got together with our friends.

I could go on, but maybe Carla, Jane and Susan can tell you some more about the games they can remember playing.


Jacqueline said...

Love that topic! My sister and I played church and schoool too but it was a little harder with just too of us. As we got older and played more outside with friends we loved to play kick the ball and hide and seek. Lots of great memories! I like the idea of blogging or doing a layout about them. Most work on that. Thanks for the idea.

KSmith said...

Thanks for the suggestion on blogging this childhood memory. I just finished. Please go check it out
thank you.

~~Carla~~ said...

Yep, with 6 kids, there was always enough people for a game :)As we got older, I remember the neighborhood softball games. Those were fun too, but almost always ended with someone getting mad and taking their stuff and going home.

Jean said...

what a fun inspiration challenge...I added mine to my blog..
Ksmith...I enjoyed reading about your childhood games and such a wonderful lo...sorry I was unable to post at your blog :(