Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Why the Sister Theme?

Well, I guess the number one obvious reason is that we are all sisters! But...I betcha didn't know that there's another two sisters in the bunch too. So with 5 girls in our family, (and one brother) the theme of sisters just seemed like the most appropriate one to go with!

I believe that sisters share a special bond! Even though we do not live in the same province, we talk with each other everyday (thanks to the internet). We share stories about our families (probably some that our dhs would not like us to share. lol), vent to each other about our daily events, and if something exciting happens, our sisters are the first people we tell! We share common interests, like scrapping, reading, learning, telling stories and spending time with family. The best thing is that we never judge and we always offer support and encouragement to one another! When we are just having a bad day, we know our sisters understand and will be there to uplift our spirits!!

So whether you already have a sister, (or two or three) or if you have no sister at all, this blog is for YOU!! We will make you our scrapping sister!! Big families are so much more fun anyway!! We will celebrate this special bond between sisters and strenghten this bond by sharing it with each one of you!! This blog will help us to do that!! Thank-you for sharing our excitement in this new venture! We are going to have tons of fun!!
Here's to SISTERHOOD!!!


Anam_Kihaku said...

looks fabby!!

Lucy Chesna said...

congrats on your new venture

Jacqueline said...

I love the sister theme! I must tell my sister about your site. Maybe she'll be inspired to take up scrapping too.

Canadian Girl said...

Looks GREAT ladies! I love this! I am definitely adding your link to my favorites!!! :0D Excellent job! I'm off to each of your galleries!

Anonymous said...

Hey sisters,
It's your sister Jane. I too am starting to do this blogging thing!
How do I get in on this site too?

Chrys said...

Congrats on your Sisterhood and your new site.... I'm an only girl with 4 brothers.... Love my cyber sisters.

Tina said...

Here's to Sisters!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey ladies!! Love the blog!! I guess I need to set up a google account or something so that I don't keep coming up anonymous but this is Emily. Susan, I'm on HYWWP!! I am an only child and so is my DH and right now so is our dd so scrapping boards and blogs like this one are where my sisters are!! Thanks for inviting me!!

splummer said...

Hey, I just found you. Would love to be in the sisterhood. What do I have to do to get in?? Thanks! Take Care!!


P.S. You can contact me at: