Friday, April 13, 2007

Photo Friday

We are going to trying out our gallery today. We aren't sure if we'll continue with the Bravenet service, but for now it's what we have available :-) You can see the link to the gallery on the left-hand side, below the pictures. We're looking into getting some web space and setting up own own gallery -- hopefully soon!

So... our theme for today is FRIENDSHIP. Post a picture showing a special friendship -- doesn't have to be sisters. Friendship is so important; I think we all need at least ONE special friend in a lifetime!

A few notes about how to upload:
- Click on the Bravenet link, below our pictures, "view my photo gallery"
- Click "upload new photo"
- Enter the number of photos and then click "next"
- Brownse to find your photo and put the title
- DON'T put your email address (just add your name instead) We are working on how to change that part of the process.
- Click "next" to upload your photo
- Photo will be approved by an administrator (me or one of my sisters) before you can view it in the gallery

So, let's give it a try :-) Deanne and I already have a photo uploaded. If you want to tell us about your photo, leave a comment. We love to hear from you!


Lucy Chesna said...

i did one..this is fun

Jacqueline said...

I posted a picture of my sister and I from when we were teenagers. We have always been the best of friends.